Star Trek Online Starchart

This Starchart was made for STO after I realised during the closed beta that the galaxy was actually quite hard to navigate as the ingame was map was not very informative.

The Starchart has gone though many incarnations since it was first created, as well as grown in size substantialy! I try to keep it updated as time allows, if you see any mistakes, then please post them in the comments so I can fix them more easily.

You are more than welcome to use this map on other websites, all I ask is that credit for the image is given, a link to this site would also be greatly appriciated. The image URL will always be the same, so once you’ve linked to it once, you will always have the most updated version.

Previous Versions

The Starchart has gone though 3 major revisions since I began work on it all those years ago, the very first version that was publically released can be seen to the left. Over the years I decided to bring it more inline with the visuals of the game and as such the style altered. The initial main revamp saw the map styled to match the visual style of the games LCARS interface. With the lastest revamp giving the map a visual appearance that more closely matchs the games website at the time it was created, which gives it a much more slick appearance.

Approximate time spent on creating and maintaining the map so far is about 80-90 hours. Every time a new season comes out, I usually take my ship around the galaxy ingame and take screenshots of every sector to ensure that all system names are still correct (since the developers make ninja patchs altering names sometimes!).

6 thoughts on “Star Trek Online Starchart”

  1. This chart is awesome and really shows your level of perfection and profesionalizem. Pls excuse me I cannot spell very well.

  2. A few considerations and questions sir:
    1. Betazed not having a “sector”, and Ferenginar(SP?) the ferengi home world not even shown above.
    2. With all the tv shows, movies and more content, I thought the STO universe would be much larger. with say one planet (or “visited space location”) per 3 episodes; ToS, TNG, ENT. and to a lesser extent; DS9, voyager, TAS, comic books, and more, that’s a huge universe!
    3. Space is huge and goes in every dirrection; Yet in STO the cubic sectors of the galaxy map make me think of a unfolded boxes laid out flat side by side. is it posible to see a “doubling” of sector worlds and a 3-d continous universe for STO?

  3. My search for a STO map with a legend led me here but the link above takes me to a map without the legend!

    Granted the map in the link is so very crystal clear and beautiful, the image of the map with the legend is taunting me! Is there another link for archived maps perhaps? Very fine work, thank you.

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