Klingon Heavy Cruiser Concept

A few weeks ago a thread was made on the Star Trek Online forums about what a Klingon flagship should be. This immediatly tweaked my interest so I went about doodling up several concepts of how I thought the Klingons would design a more updated flagship.

I decided I wanted it to haveĀ a fairly bulky and angular feeling, whilst also keeping a fairly streamlined look as well, to insinuate a more modern vibe in its design. The ship would be about the same size as a Negh’Var (perhaps a little longer). It’s quite heavily armed, with dual torpedo launchers at the very front, as well as several forward facing disrupter cannons. I also added disrupter strips to the design. I’d probably have a fighter launch bay on the belly of the ship as well.

I’m actually quite happy with the look and might build this in full 3d. Names wise, I was thinking of calling it the Hargh’Ra class, which translates to ‘major confrontation command’.

8 thoughts on “Klingon Heavy Cruiser Concept”

  1. no offense but that ain’t looking like a *heavy* cruiser to me,
    more like some sort of Scout or Raptor.

    i like the Negh’Var style gunz on the bottom.
    the rest is fitting good together, i like the Vor’cha and Negh’Var influences

    i’m just not sure about the *Head*… looks to much Raptor / Bird of Prey-is… maybe thats what makes it feel small.

    If you sell it to me as a small fast Bomber type ship with Negh’Var gunz i’ll take it, but sorry not as Flagship or big fat Cruiser.

    PS: could you change the color of the text in the comment field, while typing to black?
    this is light grey on white right now, hard to see what i type… lol.

    1. I suppose I should of added windows to it, as wel as put another ship next to it for comparisons sake, the head does need more tweaking I aggree, althoguh I thinki altering the plating on there will do that.

      It has alot thicker hull than the Negh’var btw, which probably isn’t as obvious from this angle. Perhaps it would work well as a counterpart to the Vor’cha. I just wanted to put some ideas out ther for Logan, perhaps he could get inspiration form some of the componants :-)

      Blog CSS wise, I’m actually working on a template for the site right now, so all the CSS issues should be ironed out this week :-)

  2. That’s the most refreshing design I’ve seen in a long time. The aft doesn’t look as streamlined as you might think, but I actually prefer it that way. That section reminds me more of the qeylIS betleH (“Sword of Kahless”) battleship in Interplay’s Starfleet Command and Klingon Academy, and less of the overly sleek Negh’Var.

    Your warp nacelles could use some beefing up, though. For each side, the Negh’Var has one primary warp nacelle at the top and one secondary warp nacelle at the bottom, separated by a disruptor cannon.

    As for the head, I don’t know what to make of its similarity to the Vo’Quv’s head.

    1. I’m not currently working on any Star Trek concepts right now I’m afraid. I have considered coming back to this design at somepoint though and redoing the head.

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