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As some of you may know, I work part-time at a nightclub in Copenhagen. After a few months of working there I offered my services as a graphic designer to help establish a more consistent brand for the nightclub, as well as refine the way it was present on social media.

The Menu

Nightfever is a nightclub specialising in disco music, it is located in the heart of Copenhagen’s city centre and has been open for around 3 years. One of the first assignments I was tasked with was helping to remake the bar menu (since it required alterations due to price changes). I was asked to ‘spice it up’ and used the opportunity to address a few issues I had with the menu. The first thing I did was change all the text to uppercase letters, the reasoning for this is that you usually have people under the influence of alcohol reading the menu, thus, making it as easy to read as possible is an important factor. It is well-known that people have an easier time reading words in uppercase, rather than both uppercase and lowercase (hence why road signs are in uppercase).

The next thing I did was categorize the drinks into more clear areas so people could more easily find the type of drink they wanted. I then added the ingredients for a lot of the drinks as well, this was done to help save the bartenders time by not having to explain what was in a drink. Afterall, the less time it takes a bartender to serve a customer, the more customers they can serve, meaning more money can be made!

The last thing I did was remove the offer we had for when the bar opens, since it was only relevant for 1 out of the 6 hours the bar was open, but took up almost 1/4 of the menus space. Instead I added some new items to the menu and lumped together all of the bars special offers instead of them been spread all over the menu.

You can see the original menu to the left, and the new one to the right.


The new menu was extremely well received by the customers and the owners of the club liked the new feel, so I went about replacing all the signage around the nightclub, all of which was made in Microsoft word.





It was at this point we required some new posters for some new offers and new events. I looked at the posters we had used previously and decided to break away from the old style and bring all the posters inline with the new branding style. You can see the original posters to the left, with the new ones to the right.




I also came up with some fresh posters for some new offers as well, some of which proved quite popular amongst the customers.



One of the final pieces of the branding of the nightclub was the refining of its social media presence. We sat down and made a plan for how to engage the customers in the best way possible. We found out from looking at our analytics that most of our users were most active between 19:00-20:00 daily, so we knew that this was the best time to achieve the most reach, we therefore came up with a schedule for making posts. We also hired a photographer for every night and added the nightclubs logo to all of the photos to help spread the brand identity when people tag themselves in the photos.

  • Monday – Post photos from the Friday night, Pin event picture for the upcoming weekends events
  • Tuesday – Post pictures from Saturday night
  • Wednesday – Add upcoming event pictures to Fridays album to bump it.
  • Thursday – Add upcoming event pictures to Saturdays album to bump it.
  • Friday – Add event picture for the Friday night event
  • Saturday – Add event picture for the Saturday night

Other posts could also be made, for example for competitions, or table booking offers, but the main structure was put in place to keep things consistent. An example of an event picture can be seen below. The post to the left is how the page used to make posts, the post to the right is using the event pictures, which make the post standout much more clearly in people’s news feeds. We basically added pictures to every post made, this made the Facebook page much more pleasant to look at for new arrivals as well. We also started to ask questions when we posted event pictures as well, such as ‘Who was your favorite band in the 90′s?’, this was to attempt to engage users (which in turn increases the reach).


The alteration in posting style, as well as having a dedicated photographer every night had a significant impact on the page, with the number of likes on the page, as well as the reach making a very noticeable increase.


Overall, this was a long process, one that is ongoing in fact as new event images need to be made on a regular basis. But the brand of the Nightclub is now consistent and very strong and I think you’ll agree the new signage is a marked improvement. When people walk into the Nightclub now, there is no confusion as to where they are, since every poster and sign in the Nightclub screams ‘Nightfever’!

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