Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth Class STOVL CVF 3D model progress post

For quite some time now (like several years) I’ve been following the design and construction of the new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers. There will be 2 ships in this class, HMS Queen Elizabeth (due to enter service 2016) and HMS Prince of Wales (due to enter service 2018). They are going to be the largest warships the UK has ever built and will displace about 65,000 tonnes and are 280m long. The current plan is that the ship will be built in a STOVL setup for use with the F35-B.


Anyway, I degress, the point of this post is that I will be creating a medium polygon 3D model of the ship. My intention is that I will update this post as progress is made, so that the process of creating the model can be seen from start to finish. I’m estimating that the model may take a few months to make due to real life commitments and the fact that finding referance material to build the hull form that is accurate is incredably difficult! Right now I am using photos of the hull sections to create cross sections of the hull to help me create an accurate hull form.

I will split the build down into sections, some may be empty at first, but I will fill them as time progresses:-

Blueprint creation

Creation of base blueprints and cross sections to build model from


Blocking out of hull structure

Basic blocking out of the hull elements and superstructure

Superstructure Details / Equipment

Creation of details and equipment, such as screendoors, weapon systems, radars, etc

Aircraft (F35B and Merlin)

Creation of low polygon aircraft to populate the deck and hangar


Creation of textures to give the ship its finishing touches

Final Renders

Final renders of the finished model

3d Viewer

3d viewer of the ship to allow people to view the ship for 360 degrees.

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  1. Just made a flying visit to your excellent looking site (had googled cvf updates). Love the 3D model of Type 45 – with Harpoon! Looking forward to CVF model.

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