The Concepts of Star Trek Online

I’ve noticed that my blog’s search engine has been getting a lot of queries about Star Trek Online lately, most likely due to some of the communities I hang around in. So I decided to compile all the concepts I have that John Eaves and Ryan Dennings came up with for Perpetual Entertainment when they were working on Star trek Online. Most of these concepts have been taken and used by Cryptic entertainment.

The above ship, called the Excaliber class by Perpetual, was intended to be the games Flagship, the Enterprise-F was going to be this class.  It was designed by Ryan Dennings.

This ship was designated the ‘Tahoe’ Class, It was designed by John Eaves.

This ship is the Ramjet class, designed by John Eaves

We have no class name for this ship, it was designed by John Eaves

Another ship with no class name, some are refering to it as the Phoenic class, it was designed as an Engineering ship. she was designed by John Eaves

One of my favorite concepts for STO, this Donut ship has no class name, although a few fans affectionatly refer to her as the Cern class, she is a science ship and was designed by John Eaves


This is a small exploration ship designed by John eaves, no class name.

This is the Nelson Class, it is designed by John Eaves, quite a nice sturdy design.

The Sacagawea class runabout (Quite a mouthful to say!). This was designed by Ryan Dennings and is quite a fan favorite. It has since been used as inspiration for the Enterprise-F Aux craft.

This is the Destiny class, which actually did end up in the game.

Not a starship, but this starbase was designed by Ryan Dennings, it was dubbed ‘Fargo’ station as was going to be located in the Epsilon system.

The following are random concept drawings from Ryan Dennings site.

I will add more ships to this post as I get my hands on the concept art, I’ll admit I’m sticking primarily to Star Fleet vessels in this post, I will probably start up a second post for alien ships in the future. I do have schematics as well on most of those ships, although in teh interest of space I have not posted them, you should be able to find them at John eaves website or Ryan Dennings website

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    A definite great read…


  2. The first ship, Excaliber class, was commonly called “The Spatula” due to its ugly appearance. It can be found in one the screenshots from PE, and there was also a concept artwork of it flying by a planet. I believe those two renderings were made later and were more refined than the sketch from the video. Enjoy! p.s. IRC was fun today.

  3. The Tahoe class is very similar to the Suburban class, which is still in production. The primary difference between the two is that the Tahoe class is built in Mexico, and the Suburban class is built in Janesville, Wisconsin.

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