Custom Mass Effect Nerf gun


So I’ve been pretty quiet lately because of my new job. Since April I’ve been hired by Perfect World Entertainment as a Graphic Designer. Many users here may recognise the company as the publisher of Star Trek Online and Neverwinter. I’ll try to share some of the  work I’ve been creating, but for now I thought I’d do a write up of my custom Nerf gun.

When I started in the office I noticed most of my colleagues possessed Nerf guns, so I immediately went to the internet I started my research on the best guns out there. In the end, due to the modular nature of Nerf guns, I created my own setup and since I’m part of the design team, it felt only right to give it a custom paint job!

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Star Trek Starships Collection

A few months back Eaglemoss came out with a new magazine called ‘Star Trek Starships’. It is a fortnightly magazine and features a new ship each issue. The models are not available where I live, so I’ve been buying them online meaning I’m a few weeks behind. The models are of mixed quality, with some ships been excellent, and some been questionable in detail levels. That said, there aren’t really that many competitors out there so I can easily overlook this. I’ve had a few models with manufacturing flaws, but these have been easily fixable with a little model making experience!

Star Trek Starships

[img src=]36000
[img src=]35240
[img src=]34840
[img src=]34550
[img src=]34130
[img src=]33910
[img src=]33790
[img src=]33600
[img src=]33370
[img src=]33290
[img src=]33080
[img src=]33070
[img src=]32940
[img src=]32740
[img src=]32710
[img src=]32590
[img src=]32550
[img src=]32450
[img src=]32360
[img src=]32400
[img src=]20
[img src=]20

I highly recommend any serious Trek fans out there to invest in this magazine. I’ll add more photos to the gallery as I collect the issues.

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